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Best Natural Ways Of Dealing With Constipation

Our digestion and the process of elimination of waste from the body are important factors that affect our health. Poor nutrition slows down our digestion, which then causes a disturbance in bowel movement. The result of irregular bowel movement is the accumulation of waste and toxins in this important organ of our body. Here you can read about the best natural ways of dealing with constipation.


90% of the food we consume every day is processed in one way or another. Such foods contain very little natural dietary fiber, which are crucial for the proper functioning of the intestines. Consuming foods such as white sugar and flour creates problems in the body. We have more and more health problems. This is why more and more people are trying to solve them with help of  nutrition correction and different methods of cleansing the body.

Bowel function may be disturbed due to other factors, for example:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Parasites in the intestines
  • Pregnancy
  • Some diseases (for example, thyroid disorder)
  • Medication (antacids, bismuth salts, iron, antihypertensives, narcotics, sedatives) 

Position against constipation 

If you lift your feet on a bench while sitting on the toilet, you will be in a squat position, which is a natural position for elimination. Squat completely relaxes rectal muscles and other muscles of the pelvis that participate in this process.

Dealing with constipation - Belly massage

Massage is performed using a mixture prepared of five teaspoons almond or cold pressed vegetable oil, two drops of rosemary, marjoram and Roman chamomile. Massage oil into the lower part of the belly, in circular motion, in a clockwise direction. Repeat this procedure daily. Caution: rosemary oil should be avoided during pregnancy.

Try yoga

This ancient art has a beneficial effect on the body, and can be of great help in case of irregular bowel movements. Before exercise, drink two glasses of lukewarm water. Lie on your back as you inhale and lift your legs as much as possible, holding hips with your hands. Strong exhale from the belly, and then breathe and relax. Lower the legs and relax. Repeat the exercise two more times. Note: Avoid exercise if you have high blood pressure.

Eat a tablespoon of of flax seed

Flax seed is powerful against chronic constipation. It should take 1-2 tablespoons of chopped or whole flax seeds, 2-3 times a day. When you use this natural remedy, it's necessary to drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters a day as this will facilitate the movement of content in the intestines.


In order to establish regular bowel movements, it is necessary that the menu has enough foods that are rich in magnesium, such as beans, seeds, nuts, whole grains and shells. Consult your doctor about supplementation. 

Dealing with constipation - Avoid fatty and refined food

The most common cause of conth constipation and irregular stool is food with little fiber and high fat. Meat can cause constipation - particularly beef, pork; dairy products - milk, cheese, ice cream; fast food - hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chips; products with a lot of sugar and foods made from refined grains  - pastries, pasta, biscuits, potatoes, rice, corn.


One of the most famous dishes that act as laxatives include prunes and prune juice. Plums are full of soluble fiber. They also have high levels of vitamin A, iron and potassium. Several plum or prune juice once a day may help with problems with constipation.


Dealing with constipation - Lukewarm water and lemon on an empty stomach

Lemon juice is a healthy natural laxative. For the regulation of digestion prepare a drink of two teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 dl of lukewarm water. Drink on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up.

Dried figs

Dried figs also contain soluble and insoluble fiber and a great help to regulate bowel movement. Only 5 figs covers as much as 20% of daily fiber needs. With consumption is required to drink water, just like with plums.

Drink juice with spinach and grapes

Juice of spinach, apples and grapes, as well as prune drink, is a natural laxative. Put in a juicer a handful of fresh spinach, tomatoes and two one-third of cucumber . Dilute prepared juice with equal amount of water. Drink up to three cups a day.

Here's an educational video from  Freez Frame Films about natural remedies for colon cleansing.

So,  these are the best natural ways of dealing with constipation. If this does not help, you should seek medical attention. I hope you found this article helpful and that you will write me your suggestions about upcoming articles.

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