Saturday, April 11, 2015

Here's Why Garlic Is So Good For Health And Beauty

We all know that garlic is irreplaceable food in the kitchen, but did you know that it is a great ally of beauty?

Because of its ingredients, garlic can help with a few problems with skin and its care. It is a miracle of nature that many people call a natural antibiotic which gives strength, potency and health.



A few facts about garlic

  • Garlic has a fascinating health characteristics and almost incredible anti-aging ingredients. For hundreds, even thousands of years, garlic is considered a very valuable ingredient of every traditional herbal pharmacy because it's protecting the body from germs.
  • Garlic has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral agents. Prevents cell death, strengthens the blood and prevents infection. Garlic is an antioxidant and helps the body to fight free radicals.
  • As we age, the body's immunity decreases, and older people are prone to infections and often get sick, and there jumps in garlic with its actions. 


Use of garlic for beauty

Cures acne

Garlic juice cures acne and pimples. It is enough to crush two cloves of garlic and place the mixture on acne or pimple, the results will be visible after a few minutes when the swelling subsides around pimples. Repeat this procedure several times in a day. You can also add a few drops of white vinegar.

Softens the skin

Allicin (compound in garlic) helps to soften the skin and makes it smooth. If you add a little garlic in your face mask, you can get soft skin, just like a baby.


Removes blackheads 

Do you have problem with blackheads? Just add this magical food in your diet. Add a little juice of garlic in your face scrub and rub the affected area.


Why spend money on expensive anti-aging creams when you can use garlic? This homemade beauty product is very effective against wrinkles. Add a few drops of garlic juice in a face mask and apply it once a week.

Cures herpes 

Herpes is very unpleasant, but curable if you put a clove of garlic and hold directly on the sore spot for about 10 minutes. For effective results repeat five times during the day. 

Reduces stretch marks 

Whether you get them during pregnancy or rapid weight gain, stretch marks are not something you want to have. Try to rub garlic juice on affected skin. Maybe they will not be completely eliminated, but they will be at least slightly reduced and skin will look more beautiful.

Recovers scalp 

Garlic is also known for its beneficial effects on recovery of the scalp, so if you are loosing  your hairrub scalp several times a week with garlic oil or just simply with garlic, and let it work for at least 10 minutes.
Garlic has an unpleasant odor, and I guess you do not like the idea of putting something  smelly on your skin. However, I believe that it is worth to withstand the smell. :)

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