Friday, May 15, 2015

Good And Bad Drinks For Weight Loss

Do you know from which drinks you will build up additional pounds, and from which you will lose weight?

Learn in this article which drinks are good and which are bad for you...

Most people when thinking about any diet, think about a variety of food products that may or may not consume, the method of preparation, the intervals and the amount of consumption. Drinks are often generally defined and undefined, which in the end often results in misinterpreting what they can drink and what not.
However, the quantity and type of beverages consumed are equally important, while keeping certain diet, but also in everyday life and diet.





It is well known that water is the healthiest drink (if not polluted). It helps to cleanse the body, lose weight, reduce appetite, and generally has a positive impact on the body's metabolism in particular.

Vegetable juice 

Vegetable juices have nutritional value similar to that of fruit juices, but have approximately 50 percent less calories, but also a larger amount of salt. Also, freshly squeezed vegetable juices are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber that help in proper digestion, which can also help control hunger., black coffee, water, green tea, vegetable juice

Black coffee 

If you need something to "lift" you during the day, drink a pure black coffee without sugar and other additives. The black coffee has very few calories and is a strong antioxidant. Of course, you should not overdo it with coffee - do not consume more than four cups a day.


Green tea 

If you don't like black coffee, try green tea, also without any sweeteners, except maybe some honey. It will "lift" you, and also, it has a strong antioxidant activity, which will help you lose weight. It's great for the regulating digestion and to raise immunity



Fizzy drinks

All these drinks are made from artificial flavors, with various different forms of sugar and sweeteners, and they have large amounts of calories. If you are a big fan of fizzy drinks, limit their intake to once a week for two to three deciliter., red bull, coca cola, sprite, fanta, vodka

Energy Drinks 

The truth is that these are drinks that provide energy for athletes, but precisely because they are calorie bombs. Avoid them when trying to lose weight, no matter if you exercise.

Various alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is highly caloric. Avoid it if you want to lose weight. If you wish to make a toast with friends, light beer is definitely the best choice. If you like non-alcoholic beer, order it.



Fruit juice 

Freshly squeezed juice from a fruit might have the same amount of calories as a soda, but there are more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins ...). Although some diets prohibit and other diets allow the consumption of fruit juices, the ones from fresh fruit are certainly the healthiest.
Stay away from processed fruit juices with different fructose sugars and artificial sweeteners. If you are already buying fruit juice, buy one from natural bio farming


Mix in a blender banana, strawberries and blueberries with water or milk and you will get a great fruit drink, with plenty of calories. If you are on a diet, make smoothie at home, with skim milk or almond milk or even better - with water! Do not add sugar! You can sweeten it  with a small amount of honey. Note that this drink replaces one healthy meal. Stay away from purchasing smoothies, because they often contain artificial sweeteners, ice cream, whipped cream and a variety of different ingredients that are not healthy and they're just accumulating calories.

Which drinks are your favorite? Good or bad? :)